The Sweet Life

imageIt is said that Americans consume 27.5 lbs. of sugar a year, which is an alarming statistic for sure.  I often wonder how much of this consumption is tied to our emotional need to bring more sweetness into our lives.  As more and more of our time is devoted to busy-ness and less time is spent on simple pleasures that make us feel good, we find solace in a quick sugar fix that satisfies temporarily but leaves us wanting once the high wears off.

What if, every afternoon, instead of reaching for that chocolate chip cookie, we took 15 minutes to indulge in an activity we really loved?  Taking a walk outside and enjoying the flowers and sunshine, for example, or visiting travel websites to gather ideas for your next trip.  Or writing a quick email to a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile.  Anything that gives us a feeling of satisfaction and connection will bring sweetness into our lives.  It is amazing how strong the energy boost can be from feeding our true needs. Taking time to honor ourselves in this way not only powers us through an afternoon.  It can create a habit that is sweeter than chocolate.

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